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Dry Rain

A Tale of the James Towne Colony  1609 — 1621

The Second Aleyn James Novel

Sequel to ThunderSnow

Lady Luck had not blessed England. The Black Death, war both foreign and domestic, and a stagnating economy had dealt her a losing hand for many years. Despite these crippling misfortunes, Queen Elizabeth had the mettle to battle the ill tides of fate and through sheer will, good timing, and a healthy dose of God's blessing broke the power of Spain by defeating the mighty Armada, one hundred and thirty ships of war bent on the subjugation of her kingdom. Her country rallied and as the population recovered, so did the desire in many daring hearts for greater opportunity and freedom.  What inner force drives men from the comfort and safety of home and hearth to the deprivations and perils in unknown lands? For the English settlers who sought to improve their lot in the New World, there had been more pitfalls than successes.

     The northern colony at Fort St. George abandoned their fortification and all chance of success, returning defeated with little to show for a year's hardship and suffering. James Towne Fort had suffered hostile attacks, internal conflict, ineptitude, starvation, disease, and violent death.  Yet the craving for a new and better life was hard to kill. Many of those returned from George Popham's failed northern colony soon joined the 3rd re-supply of James Towne being organized in the English port towns of Woolwich and Plymouth. In a sprawling adventure that begins on the coast of England, develops at the fledgling colony at James Towne, and sails up the coast of Mawooshen to Acadia and points beyond, the spellbinding story of Aleyn James and Acoona Stonefire continues with Dry Rain.