Ephesians Chapter 2

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

What does it mean to come alive in Christ? What does it mean to be saved? What does it mean to be born again? What does it mean to be a Christian? In this chapter, Paul explains the wonderful truth about salvation, essential reading for understanding of what we have in Christ Jesus. Very simply put, when we have Christ we have everything. We have the power that raises all who believe from the dead and exalts them to sit as God's sons, at His right hand with Christ. Read Chapter 2 below and we'll get back together on the other side.

Paul reflects on the the terrible condition we were in before we believed in Christ and received God's grace. We were the walking dead, separated from God, following the dictates of the devil, appeasing our own carnal desires instead of serving God. This made us subject His anger, for God hates sin. But by His mercy and grace, we who once were dead were given new life when we came to believe in Christ Jesus, and because of our union share God's glory and blessings. We’re spiritually raised from the deadness of sin and exalted from the time we believe, not from physical death, but from the death of spirit resulting from separation from God.

Chapters One and Two are linked. Paul describes God’s eternal plan of salvation in Chapter One, and moves on in Chapter Two with how to follow God’s plan. In verses 1-10 below, Paul describes the wondrous gift of God's mercy, kindness, and love we receive when we believe in and become complete in Jesus, the miracle of salvation that draws us into His plan. This reading describes what it means to be a Christian and the blessings of God given by His grace to all who believe. Take your time with this reading. Perhaps read it twice. For those who seek a closer relationship with God, I hope it will lead you into His grace, created anew, resurrected by the power that raised Lord Jesus. Move forward with the work God planned for you, doing good works, helping those in need, doing many things according to your abilities, but whatever you do, always with the loving Spirit inside you. Good works are the result of salvation, not the cause!

Today's world is divided. Political parties, denominations within churches, opposing viewpoints, traditions, opinions, even our preferences divide us and create disunity. Paul is explicit on the need for unity within the church. God’s grace has been extended to the Gentiles, uniting Gentile and Jew, the body of Christ in a unified church. Love and acceptance are valued while ethnic and gender distinctions no longer apply, providing a place where the Spirit dwells and all who love Christ meet in that Spirit. Paul tells us the apostles and the prophets form the church’s foundation, the cornerstone being Christ Himself. By joining with Jesus, our bodies become living, holy temples for the Lord. The message is simple yet powerful: The united church is a holy temple for the Lord because the Lord himself dwells within it.

Food for Thought

  • What motivated God to save us?

  • What has God done for us and why would He do it?

  • How has our relationship with God been changed through the blood of Christ?

  • What do we become when we join together in Christ?

  • What purpose does this serve?

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