Ephesians Chapter 3

In this chapter, Paul uses a parenthetical literary technique to more fully capture his emotions on parchment. He begins by reflecting on his closing words in Chapter 2, identifying himself as a prisoner of Christ Jesus rather than of the Romans, then sidetracks himself into explaining the responsibility placed on his shoulders by God. He defines this responsibility as explaining God's mysterious plan to the Gentiles, a plan regarding Christ kept secret since the creation, finally revealed to the apostles and prophets. He returns to his original train of thought in verse 14, expressing his love and hopes for the Ephesians in a closing prayer.

Paul's prayer is laid out in sequentially. He prays for God the Father to empower the Ephesians with the Holy Spirit, so that Christ will make His home in their hearts, so that their roots would grow strong in God's love, so that they might comprehend how vast God's love really is. Paul tells us that in Christ Jesus we have within us the same power that enables God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit to do what they do. The very same power! All we have to do is recognize it and turn the power on. Easier said than done? Well, Chapters 1 - 3:1-13 describe the power, but in verses 14-21 we begin to see how to put this power to work. And Chapter 4 gives us the road map, where to go with all that power!

But there's more. We just learned about the power. We're learning where to go with it. But if we never turn the ignition key and start that engine we're going nowhere. As one of my dearest friends is fond of telling me, "You can't drive a parked car!" Some who are sanctified in their belief soak up this scripture, understand the power and how it works, have the roadmap, but just don't have the will to turn the key. Ask God to give you the will, for "we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them." Rom 8:28

Food for thought:

  • What does Paul say we’ll come to understand from reading this letter?

  • What did Paul think of his commission to bring the gospel to Gentiles?

  • What can we Christians do because of our faith in Christ?

  • What did Paul request in his 2nd prayer for the Ephesians?

  • What is the mighty power of God that works in and through believers?