For My Former Guests

The Trail Break has been closed since March. I guess you know why. We've all been restricted. Some of us are luckier than others, or perhaps we're being watched over. I'm one of the luck ones. I live at the Trail Break on the edge of the White Mountains National Forest. Although I love living here, I've missed your visits and look forward to the day I reopen. My best guess is not until we have adequate snow for winter activities. Now, to the good part. While I've been closed, I hiked many of the trails near my home and found some very nice trails for snowshoeing. So, I now have snowshoes available here at the Trail Break and will be offering guided hikes this winter. Here's what my front entry looks like now:

And I have something for you, to thank you for visiting the Trail Break. My first published book, Nor'easter, is now available online. Purchase any edition, print the Trail Break Dollars coupon below, and I'll trade them for $20 US. It covers the cost of the book and at least one beer! While the Trail Break is sitting idle, every sale helps. The sequel, FireStorm, is scheduled for publication this fall, so while we're adjusting to the New Normal, it's a good time to get acquainted with my imaginary family, Alan, Aponi, Zack, Zeke and many of the actual characters who made the America we know today. My historically accurate novels start at the beginning and include lots of ground your teachers and professors never covered!

This summer, I shot a 15-minute video on one of the nearby snowshoe trails. If you have time on your hands, take a peek. It might get you thinking about your next visit!