Galatians Chapter 6

Paul closes his epistle by reminding the Galatians they will harvest what they sow. Because every action invariably leads to consequence, everyone should do good at every opportunity, especially to other believers.

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We should help and guide others however we are able, built up by the Spirit to resist worldly temptations along the way. By sharing each other’s burdens, we obey Christ’s law, to love one another as He loves us. Those who never tire of doing good please the Holy Spirit and receive enteral life in the spirit, but those seeking to satisfy only themselves reap a bitter harvest.

He admonishes them once again, describing those who would lead them astray as people who want to look good, lead stress-free lives, and boast about circumcising their disciples. He emphasizes that it no longer mattered whether someone was circumcised or not because of the cross, the only thing of which Paul says he boasts. He asks for God’s peace and mercy on all who live transformed by the one true gospel. Then he closes like a lawyer, telling them he wants to hear no more about it while boasting about the scars he received from beatings and being stoned nearly to death. But then he blesses them once more, asking for the grace of Jesus to be with their spirits.

Does Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians apply to us today? It warns us not to depart from the gospel, and to share it with others whenever possible. We should show our love by helping others when the opportunity arises. God is love, but God is best glorified when expressed.

What of the future? I know Jesus will never leave me, so, I am free of fear, even of death. Now a very little thing, it's like the Lord Jesus opening a door to the other side.

Food for Thought:

  • What should we do whenever we have the opportunity?

  • Have you given your heart to Christ?

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