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Tanner & Willow

They arrived mid-afternoon, Willow, a Burmese Mountain dog and her chauffer named Tanner. On their way to Arcadia, they stayed in the Sunny Room, ideal for dogs as it opened into a back yard filled with large trees! Willow wanted a good run, so after filtering her options on the AllTrails app, she chose Iron Mountain! The rugged confidence of her tri-colored face and the intelligent gleam in her dark eyes told me this mountain dog was up to the challenge. Tanner dropped her off at the trailhead and she climbed until she could see Iron Mountain. She returned all excited with these breathtaking views, but was brought back to reality when Tanner started checking her for ticks.

Tanner & Willow both enjoyed their stay at the Trail Break, helping out with both yard work and preparing meals. As they were driving away headed for Maine, Willow barked and it sounded a lot like "Cadillac Mountain".

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