Update on my 5th Novel, FireStorm

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Therefore, a curse consumes the earth.

Its people must pay the price for their sin.

They are destroyed by fire,

and only a few are left alive. Isaiah 24:6

The bloody Pequot war had shifted power from the unorganized tribes of the western frontier to the New England colonies. Without threat of reprisal from the savage Pequots, nothing hindered colonial expansion. A flaming comet appeared in the New England sky from September 1664 through early December. Some saw a sign of God’s approval of the colonist’s hard work. Others just an astronomical phenomenon with no particular meaning. But others saw a bad omen, indicating troubled times ahead. Massasoit’s son Philip broke his word to the colonies, encouraging Indians from all over New England to join in a great powwow at Mount Hope. He insolently refused to re-appear in court to answer this challenge to peace. Shortly thereafter, Philip’s former secretary and confidant John Sassamon was murdered and the comet’s warning was about to be fulfilled.

If you like Nor'easter you're in for a treat. This November, I plan to publish FireStorm, which picks up where Nor'easter left off. You'll get better acquainted with Captain Zeke James of the Plymouth militia in this rousing tale of colonial expansion. He accompanies his childhood friend Ben Church into battle as Ben builds and leads America's first army ranger unit, an integrated combat team of English militia and Indian scouts. They enter into the colonies' second great conflict, King Philip's War, with the unique understanding that in order to win, they must adopt the same battle tactics as their savage enemy.

I'm editing the FireStorm manuscript this summer and plan to have a proof copy in the hands of my proofreader by early autumn. Both printed and downloadable versions should be available by mid-November. Next up, the prequels, historically accurate ThunderSnow and Dry Rain are scheduled for publication in 2021, followed by HeatLightning in 2022. I'll keep you posted.

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