Tikaldpink Pre-Press

Tikaldpink Pre-Press is a digital file processing service located in beautiful Gorham, New Hampshire. If you have analog items that need to be digitized for online or print publication, you need to look no further. My equipment includes a MacBook Pro, two View Sonic auxiliary screens, an Epson scanner, and three 8 MP cameras. I specialize in preparing print-ready PDF files using the Adobe Creative Suite, MS Word, iStudio Publisher, and other task-specific applications. My home studio is where I do much of my work, but I am fully mobile and can come to your home or place of business. The up-to-date Tikaldpink librqry is shown below. Query me on the Contact page if you're interested in purchasing any of these limitied print editions.

The Gloria Gray Chronicles


Parker Head

Phippsburg Fishermen Volume II

Sebasco Village Volume I

Sebasco Village Volume II

Small Point Volume I

Small Point Volume II

Wild Days

Family of George W. Lowell

Family of Nathan W. Eaton

Other Publications