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      I began writing in 2010, and although I've written five historically accurate novels I didn't publish till the summer of 2020—for a very good reason. History requires a lifetime of study, and oftentimes while working on one book I stumble upon material I can use in another. My continuing research unravels mysteries hidden in time and my work remains fluid, corrected and enhanced ed as I go. Nor'easter is the fourth novel in my series. I published it in 2020 to commemorate the Plymouth Colony’s quadricentennial. Now I'm faced with republishing at some time in the future to enhance the story with additions and corrections I've gathered since.

     Much of Nor'easter is set at the Plymouth colony. Chapter one begins in the early summer of 1623, three years after the Pilgrims made landfall. The storyline follows the historical records, but my fictional family and dialog bring history to life. Aleyn James, his life-partner Acoona Stonefire, their children Alan and Tara, and shipmates Haley and Galen escape Spanish Florida, sail up the eastern seaboard, and wreck their diminutive sailing ship Virginia on Cape Cod’s outer coast.

      Aleyn and his family are welcomed by the fledgling colony of New Plymouth, where the resourceful family helps build a trading outpost on the very river Aleyn sailed fifteen years earlier while fishing for George Popham’s failed colony. The story of that adventure is told in ThunderSnow, a novel yet to be published. Unlike Jamestown in my sequel Dry Rain—where tobacco saved the colony from collapse—Plymouth’s fortune was founded at this post on the Kennebec River that exploited the growing demand for fur in Europe.

       Nor’easter is the continuing story of Aleyn and Acoona joining the colony at new Plymouth, watching their son Alan go off to war against the powerful Pequots. Nor’easter is a transitional novel. The protagonist changes from Aleyn to his son Alan as the first native-born generation takes on the pitfalls and rewards of forming a new country. As Aleyn and Acoona age, their children, Alan and Tara, evolve, children born and bred in the colonies who number among the colony leaders. As the colonies grow and native landholdings shrink, they're plunged into the horrors and aftermath of the Pequot War, the colony’s first major military conflict.

       Nor’easter covers a full generation ending with their protagonist changing once again as Allen's son Zeke, now a captain in the Plymouth militia, joins Ben Church in creating the first Army Rangers during King Phillips war. They distinguished themselves from other units by using the Indian's own tactics against them. Historically accurate, whether you’re a history buff or an adventure fan, Nor’easter  offers a clearer understanding of the forces and factors that shaped America.

     I’m currently working on the sequel, FireStorm, which picks up the story where Nor’easter left off, entering one of the bloodiest conflicts in US history, a catastrophe that nearly wiped New England off the map, King Philip’s War. Join Zeke and Ben Church as the fight fire with fire in FireStorm, due for publication in 2021.

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