I began writing ten years ago, and although I've written five historically accurate novels, I haven't published any of them until this year—for a very good reason. They are a series, and oftentimes as I work on one, I stumble on material I can use in another. This also enables me to make necessary corrections as my research unravels what happened so long ago.

     Nor'easter is the fourth novel in my series, but I chose to publish it first because the setting is the Plymouth colony. This year marks the quadricentennial of the colony's beginning, but my story starts nearly three years later, in the early summer of 1623. The storyline follows the written record, but my fictional family and the dialog bring history to life. Click the Kindle Edition button below for an exceptional offer! An eBook version is under development and a printed edition can be ordered from BookBaby. The gray button takes you directly to my author's blog.