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The Third James Family Novel
Sequel to Heat Lightning &Nor'easter

    In America, a man wasn’t killed for his beliefs, only for his actions. A bloody war shifted power from the unorganized tribes of the western frontier to the colonies in New England. Without the threat of reprisal from the savage Pequots, there was nothing to hinder colonial expansion. The Connecticut River Valley was the focus of growth for nearly twenty-five years, during which the New England tribes—especially the Wampanoags—sold their land, piece by piece, until they found themselves surrounded by colonists and their way of life threatened.

    Massasoit’s elder son Alexander plotted war against the colonists. Rumors of rebellion caused Plymouth Governor Prence to call Alexander to court to explain the allegations. The court date came and went, but not Alexander. He was in powwow with the Narragansetts, swaying them to his cause. Major Josiah Winslow arrested Alexander on orders of the court to bring him in. Alexander was offered a horse, but because his wife Weetamoe had to walk, he walked with her. He unexpectantly died, elevating his twenty-four-year-old brother Philip to Sachem of the Pokanoket, Grand Sachem of the Wampanoag. 

        Philip appeared in court to renew his father and brother’s covenant, where his haughty mannerisms earned him the moniker “King.” He denied any treachery against the English, but it was lip service. He’d invited Indians from all over New England to join in a great powwow at Mount Hope. Summoned back to court, he insolently refused to return. Shortly after, his former secretary and confidant, John Sassamon, was murdered. The chain of events that followed swept all of New England into a fight to the death with an unconventional enemy fighting for the land of their fathers against the colonies of Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut, and New Haven, while Rhode Island struggled to remain neutral. 

        Ned’s parents, Humphrey and Aponi, fade into the background, content with life on their rural Plymouth farm. Ned takes the lead, joining his childhood friend Ben Church to build and lead America's first army ranger unit against the wily and unconventional Wampanoag, Nipmuck, and mighty Narragansett to list a few. Fans of the James family saga will get better acquainted with Captain Ned James of the Plymouth militia in this rousing tale of King Philip’s War.

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