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Airbnbs in Alaska

Updated: May 3, 2020

I flew to Alaska to visit my sister Jean in Anchorage, and during my stay booked an Airbnb in both Homer and Talkeetna. A Superhost myself, I wanted to see what others had to offer.

Homer is located on the Kenai Peninsula, a four-hour drive south from Jean's home in Anchorage. My time there was highlighted by a cruise on the Danny J to Halibut Cove, and Myra's Airbnb was perfectly located to explore the town and a local tourist trap known as the Spit. Danny J's captain was a lovely young woman who brightened an otherwise overcast day with lively commentary about Homer, Gull Island, and Halibut Cove.

Talkeetna is two hours north of Anchorage, near Denali State Park on the Susitna River. Larry's Airbnb is too far out of town for a comfortable walk, but the ambiance more than compensated for the distance. It has a warm and soothing atmosphere that perfectly fits the Alaskan wild. Smoke from recent wildfires obscured most of the highest mountain in North America, but I did catch a glimpse of Denali's snowcapped peak through the haze. All in all, I enjoyed being the guest instead of the host, and my Alaska adventure gave me a further appreciation of how special it is to be an Airbnb Superhost.

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