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Emily & Jessica Tackle the Boott Spur

Updated: May 4, 2020

Emily & Jessica drove all the way from Ohio to visit the Trail Break, two flatlanders venturing into the White Mountains for the first time. Their visit to New Hampshire proved memorable. Although they're fledgling hikers, they took on the difficult Boott Spur trail and got off the path while crossing a snow field.

They found their way back to the track, but precious time was lost in the process. Undeterred, they continued on and made it to the top. Way to go, girls! Now you have bragging rights and your friends at home can eat their hearts out!

Because of the snowfield incident the ascent took longer than expected and the day was waning when they reached the top. Now they faced the more difficult descent! By now they were tired and darkness would fall before they reached the bottom. They needed help and that's exactly what they got.

God sent an angel to drive them back to their vehicle. God loves those who love the majesty and grandeur of His creation. Their next challenge? Perhaps skiing Wildcat Mountain!

I think the girls enjoyed their stay here at the Trail Break. Here's what they said. “Glen was an amazing host! He was there to greet us when we arrived and showed us around. He provided information about the area which was super helpful when finding a place to eat and gave us an app recommendation to use on our hike, which turned out to be great since we found ourselves off the trail at one point. In the morning, he offered tea or coffee as well as a small breakfast before we headed out for the day. I highly recommend staying with Glen if you're traveling in the area!”

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