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Lookout Ledge Trail

Lookout Ledge Trail is a 2.4 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located off the Durand Road in Randolph, New Hampshire in Ice Gulch town forest. It offers an incredible scenic view of the Presidentials and is rated moderate, although I’d rate most of the trail as easy. Its primarily used for hiking, and although the trail cuts through the typical New Hampshire hardwoods of birch, ash, and maple, and although the ground is covered with the typical “North of the Notch glacial till, there’s a conspicuous lack of wildflowers. The day I climbed; however, the woods were filled patches of sunlight and birdsong. A truly delightful hike early in the day, while the woods were still cool.

A couple of corrections to my dialogue: First, the mountain is Mt. Jefferson, not Madison, and the view of the Maine foothills is east, not west!

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