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New Year's Eve on Snowshoes

Nitin & Kirti arrived at the Trail Break on December 29. The next day, Todd & Carolyn arrived from Ohio. It snowed heavily that night, so when my four guests asked what they could do after such weather, I said, “Snowshoe time!” They all agreed, so I took them to Gorham Hardware where they all rented snowshoes and learned how to attach them.

Todd & Carolyn had seen snow, but not like we get North of the Notch. Nitin & Kirti — originally from India and now from Florida — had never seen it before. Perfect! We started our hike at the Gorham Rec Trail parking lot and took the Multi Model to the Old River Road, which follows Moose River most of the way. We took the Strand back to the Pipeline, climbed a steep hill (breaking trail in about a foot of fresh-fallen snow), and picked up CrossHair, which returned us to close to where we started.

Carolyn had this to say about their experience. “Glen was a fantastic host and the Trail Break was the perfect place to stay in the White Mountains. He gave us local tips, made breakfast and coffee in the morning, and even took us snowshoeing where we definitely would have been lost without him! The place was very clean and welcoming as well. Would definitely stay here again if we are in the area again.”

Nitin was equally pleased. “Situated comfortably near many ski ranges, the location of the property itself is amazingly beautiful. We had a last-minute change of plans and we were looking for an instant booking to spend New Year near Mt. Washington, and we were lucky we chose this place. Glen is not only is an excellent host, but he also has tons of hiking, skiing, and other snow adventure experiences. We literally followed what he suggested and created a lifetime of memories.”

That’s what I try to do at the Trail Break, creating memories and making new friends in the process.

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