My First Published Book — Nor'easter

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

I began writing just after the economic meltdown of 2008. My dent repair business dried up, and as I watched others close I knew I wouldn't be far behind. Writing gave me something to do in my off-hours, and drew my mind into another time, helping to take my mind off the disheartening present. And I learned something in the process. Writing is just as hard as physical labor, differing only that its harder to get paid!

It's been a process, from that shaky beginning to now, and I admit to rewriting all my novels at least once. As I search the records for background material, I often discover new insight to events about which I already wrote, allowing me to more accurately tune my timeline.

It took ten years to write five books, of which I chose Nor'easter—book number four in the series—for my first publication, my way of celebrating the quadricentennial of the Pilgrims 1620 landing at Plymouth Rock. Nor'easter is available in print at the BookBaby BookShop. Kindle and eBook (ePub), as well as on Apple Books and the subscription services Scribd and Kindle Unlimited. Check the synopsis here.

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