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Thunder Snow & Dry Rain: A Captivating Journey through the Early Years of the English Colonies

After nearly fifteen years of research and writing, I published the first book of the James Family Series, Thunder Snow & Dry Rain, a thrilling historical novel that takes readers on a captivating journey through the early years of the English Colonies in the 17th century. Set in a time when the struggling Jamestown settlement in Virginia was making its mark, these novels follow the lives of Aleyn James, his life-partner Acoona Stonefire, their children Alan and Tara, and their shipmates Haley and Galen.

In Thunder Snow, the story begins in 1607-1608, when Aleyn James, a young fisherman from the village of Brean in England, faces a tragic act of nature that claims the lives of his entire family and destroys his home and community. With no other options, Aleyn sets out for Plymouth in search of work. He joins a two-ship expedition to the New World, where they establish the first English colony in New England. The novel delves into the struggles faced by this fledgling colony as they endure harsh conditions and interact with the native inhabitants. Throughout their thirteen difficult months, Aleyn and his fellow adventurers build a fort and a 30-ton pinnace named Virginia. However, fate intervenes, and they are forced to abandon their project and return to England.

In Dry Rain, Aleyn James finds himself once again aboard the trusty ship Virginia, this time as part of the third resupply mission to Jamestown. His main objective is to search for Acoona Stonefire, the half-Micmac and half-English woman he was forced to leave behind. The novel intertwines historical events from the Jamestown colony, highlighting the trials and battles of that turbulent era. As Aleyn is reunited with Acoona and their son Alan, the story takes an adventurous turn. The couple, along with their companions, encounters Squanto, Samoset, Captain Dermer, and others. Their journey leads them into the enemy territory of the Spanish garrison at St. Augustine in Florida.

With meticulous attention to historical accuracy, Thunder Snow & Dry Rain offers readers a vivid portrayal of the early English colonies, incorporating real-life events, characters, and adventures. It explores themes of resilience, love, and the indomitable human spirit as Aleyn James and his companions navigate the challenges of the New World. "Thunder Snow & Dry Rain" is the first book of an enthralling series that will transport readers back in time, immersing them in the struggles and triumphs of the early English colonies. It is a testament to the power of historical fiction to educate, entertain, and ignite the imagination.

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